Friday, April 29, 2005

you have freakier hair than i do...i mean seriously, i have been slogging my butt off for the last one day, and all i have produced so far is 500 words? and another 500 to go? and then i have to go back to foucault? hard to belive this is the intellectually stimulating life i had always aspired to, learning to cook would have been so far, i have talked about the mystical foundation of authority and am proceeding to proove that desconstruction is justice, knowing fully well that i do not have an iota of an idea what deconstruction is. bloody unjust i must say. i demand justice. and since "deconstruction is already engaged with this infinite demand of justice", it may well leave me alone.  Posted by Hello


  1. blogsite parasite10:00 AM

    am i dreaming or is derrida pouting in that photo? are his lips forming a kiss to merely arouse the ravenous 'i' of the camera (an 'i' in which he too is potentially complicit - as a narcissitic subject who may gaze at his photograph), or does he use his mouth to wordlessly bespeak the logocentric repression of its corporeal signifiability? in other words, is an erotics of labia being mobilized to deconstruct the tyrannical loquacity of lingua? The lips, it must be noted, are closed... they effectively silence and forget that which has been the very cause of their forgetting. A re-membering of the kissing organ must perforce begin with a dis-membering of the speaking organ.

  2. lololololol!!!! dude, stop it! you're killing me!