Sunday, May 01, 2005

why do i always write about alcohol?

it is a pretty profound question you know, it is not just that i like to drink, i generally like people who like to drink, and maybe much more than that, i just like all who love free booze like i do...
so to break that pattern, even though i have hardly ever had so much fun talking to the cutest drunks in the whole wide world, i shall cange the subject and undertake something more profound...namely kissing...
i mean have you ever notice how people used to kiss in films that had audrey hepburne and gregory peck and etc? i mean they were never pecks or anything, definite my lips in yours attitude, but there is hardly any tongue as well. they are all interested in earnestly sucking each other's breaths out, or may be it is just good parctice for crp, or whtever that thing is called that allows you to kiss people in the name of helping them breathe.
for a very long period of time, towards the end of school, the only film i had ever watched which included a kissing scene was of that particular guess what happened when i tried to kiss someone...well, sad to say, but it is true, we tried, but i think we didnt, couldnt , technically kis...i mean something happened, but that is all i know, and for many years afterwards, i could never be sure what was it that we indulged in...


  1. *shock* *horror* this blog gets more scandalous every day! first booze and now KISSING!!!!
    lol...they dont even open mouths btw, its just pressing lips against each other. and who were the cute drunks? i demand to know! why wasnt i tlaking to them? *pout pout*

  2. blogsite parasite2:39 PM

    hey i just made a breathtaking discovery!

    "paulo coelho" is an anagram of "u, alcohol peo!".

    wonder if alc_he_mis't?