Thursday, June 23, 2005

where did my link tab go?

ok, first time in my life i wrote something for the link tab, and it disappeared? ah well, anyway, i want everyone or no one to check out dave's site, it is at
and you know what, all the best site on, happen to be by men named dave , in that case, check out also.
medusa's blog, obviously is an exception.

i am a research scholar now

ok, i know that the link tab and the heading have nothing to do with each other, but i want my non existent readers to check out dave's blog, coz i think it is very cool.
ok, i shall not speak like an immature 15 year old slut (that by the way is the type of girl that i am , according to this quiz i took online), but behave like the calm and composed research scholar that i am now.ya sure, considering i am going to do my research on Mills and Boon, i dunno how much calmness that will excite on my family when they hear of that.
ah well, anyway, have a happy happy happy happy happy happy day (this is the gummy bear song in rugrats....stop you fool, you give your mental age away with every sentence that you write.)

Sunday, June 12, 2005

a tribute to mrs smith Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 11, 2005

living in a thriller

yes yes yes yes, my hopes and dreams come true, my one and only me has been the victim and at the site of a unforeseen act of theft that could have brought about unthought of harms upon the victims person, but the perpitrator had to remain satisfied with the acquisition of a two year old, and severely damaged cellular phone, and some money.
and the dumbass is so dumb that he hasnt even thrown off the sim card, he continues to receive calls that are made to my cell and then lie to them.
i agree that i have been very dumb to sleep with my door open, but he is not appearing to be remarkably smart either.
but on second thought, he is the one who has the cell, and i dont.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

the poster, speaks for itself, what more could i possibly add, apart from the fact that i whole heartedly support garfield.  Posted by Hello

hmm i like this idea

i think that my idea of a fun day will be travelling all over a place in public trasport, taking a local train and going till the end of its route, then take a bus to the end of its route, then get on a tram or another bus or something.
it sounds so cool, but there are a few preconditions for such a day to be perfect: one and most importantly, the weather has to be greaaaaaaaaaaaaat, otherwise we will melt or get so sadly wet in the rain that no bus will be willing to accept us.
secondly, there needs to be a variety (after all it is supposed to be the spice of life) of public transports available to one, and they also have to be reasonably cheap, otherwise the whole point is lost na? now if you are in hyderabad, you have only the choice of the bus and the train, with the odd seven seater thrown in. but if you were to be in kolkata, then my dears, it wil be a regular feast of buses, trams, auto rickshaws and local trains. so, what say you?