Saturday, June 04, 2005

hmm i like this idea

i think that my idea of a fun day will be travelling all over a place in public trasport, taking a local train and going till the end of its route, then take a bus to the end of its route, then get on a tram or another bus or something.
it sounds so cool, but there are a few preconditions for such a day to be perfect: one and most importantly, the weather has to be greaaaaaaaaaaaaat, otherwise we will melt or get so sadly wet in the rain that no bus will be willing to accept us.
secondly, there needs to be a variety (after all it is supposed to be the spice of life) of public transports available to one, and they also have to be reasonably cheap, otherwise the whole point is lost na? now if you are in hyderabad, you have only the choice of the bus and the train, with the odd seven seater thrown in. but if you were to be in kolkata, then my dears, it wil be a regular feast of buses, trams, auto rickshaws and local trains. so, what say you?

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