Sunday, November 15, 2009

london nightmare

Such a clichéd title for a review of a film called “London Dreams”. But medusa could not think of anything more apt, something that would convey the exact sense of hopelessness and terror at having spent 200/- on a film that failed to entertain, enliven, let alone engage.

Medusa had not watched a Salman Khan film in five years or so, and London Dreams proved that such abstinence was in good measure. He is like a baboon imitating human gestures, filling the screen with energy, but little else. He looks old, wears gross clothes and has horrible hair. All of which is fine, but acting?

London Dreams is the name of the band that Ajay Devgan builds, to fulfill his childhood dream of playing at the Wembley Stadium. In this process he loses family and friends, grows up alone on the streets of London, controls his love for pretty groupie Asin and whips his sexual desire into submission in a very Opus Dei manner.

And when the dream seems within his grasp, brings from home childhood mate Salman, who is a rake and a talented one. Salman proceeds to become a better and more famous singer, faster at winning Asin’s love and the press’s adulation!! Obviously hard working Devgan gets upset, and with help from oh-so-hot guitarist Ranvir sets to ruin Salman….

The story moves way too fast to keep track of anything that’s happening, everything is on the surface level for the viewer to pick an d choose from. Medusa is not one to dwell over the lack of realism, like why don’t they ever eat, or how did young Devgan grow up to the middle aged rocker without a visa or any money, or when did the passage from India to England become so smooth, or exactly how naïve are Asin’s parents?

But the real problems with the film lie in the way the tiny story stretches itself over 2 hours and 45 minutes, needing to fill the gaps with music, how a film about music and passion has poor songs, worse composition, and how introspection is achieved only during lashes of the belt. Even Asin looks drawn out and sickly, with too much eye make up. Half the events move too fast for the viewer to keep pace with, but do not manage to retain her attention.

The good thing about the film was the two side kicks, Aditya and Ranvir, and medusa will watch this film again to gaze at Aditya’s hair and wish it were hers.