Wednesday, July 23, 2008

where has all the money gone?

yesterday at the great indian parliamentary circus, the BJP MPs waved 1 crore rupees, allegedly given to them as bribes by the Congress. the money was taken away and a probe directed.

news channels quickly showed various party spokesmen throwing allegations and counter allegations. " yes, the BJP memebers were right to bring the money to the parliament, where has our democracy come down to if honourable politicans try to poach MPs from other parties?" "It's all a ploy to take attention away from the fact that we were going to win the trust motions!!!!" "How can 1 crore rupess come in such a small bag@##$$%" and so on and so forth.

what struck us was something quite simple. if this money was indeed given as bribe, then those who showed it in the parliament and therefore got it confiscated must have risen above greed. or have enough of their own.

but if this was just a ploy to disrupt the trust vote, and they were bandying their own money about, then one has to seriously wonder about their faculty of foresight, because that money is well and truly gone.