Sunday, April 25, 2010

count the number of bangles in medusa's collection while she goes and wrestles the heat!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

This is what Medusa stumbled upon last November at the old New Market. Of course, the new market is merely another name for the S. S. Hogg market, and the old new market is the one which got burnt some decades ago, and was rebuilt. And the new new market is the one that was built next to, which is multi-storeyed, and lacks the circular structure of the old one, where all lanes converge into the small space in the middle that housed the canon that gets filled with christmas bling, come the end of the year.
But medusa digresses. Keep aside ruminations on the charms of the old new market, medusa's fascination with it can fill many many blog posts. instead, let medusa direct her attention towards this fine mannequin and the finer pieces of lingerie on display, complete with the price tag and all. also note the handbill-type piece of paper that very delicately covers the dummy's decolletage.
but, the more interesting thing to ponder is, why is the mannequin lit? Is it lit in order to display the lingerie best, given that part of it is transparent, and wont leave much to the imagination? and the lit dummy demonstrates exactly how much it reveals?
Medusa's gray cells can not solve the mystery behind this lighting fixture. can you?

Sunday, April 04, 2010

the unthinkable

Medusa has done the unthinkable, and also the most embarrassing. While trying to follow one of the followers of her blog, she managed to follow herself :-( and doesn't know to get out of it.
And, doesn't know how to view the web pages of her followers, of that of anyone else's followers either. when she clicks on their icons/photos, all she gets is a list of the sites they have joined, and a link that encourages her to send a message to them.
so, basically, this post is a plea for help. help medusa figure out how to follow the followers.