Sunday, April 04, 2010

the unthinkable

Medusa has done the unthinkable, and also the most embarrassing. While trying to follow one of the followers of her blog, she managed to follow herself :-( and doesn't know to get out of it.
And, doesn't know how to view the web pages of her followers, of that of anyone else's followers either. when she clicks on their icons/photos, all she gets is a list of the sites they have joined, and a link that encourages her to send a message to them.
so, basically, this post is a plea for help. help medusa figure out how to follow the followers.


  1. Babe! Go to your blogger dashboard. There will be a list of blogs you are following.
    Manage them.
    A separate window opens listing them out again.
    Go to the settings link next to it. (you might have to sign in again with your Google account Id)
    Then Click on the site you want to stop following , ie yours, (it opens to a new window i think) Then click on the link that says, 'Stop following this site.'

    Once you click on the Manage button...its instinctive I guess.

  2. about following your followers, if they have a blog then you will see it as 'Links' and as a blue link next to their profile pic. Sometime, they dont have a blog.

    :) are so cutely bloglexic...

  3. I did the same thing once :)

  4. I did the same with my blog :(

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  7. Hi,
    This comment is unrelated to your latest post but I need your help and found this is your latest post so commenting here. Your blog showed up in google search I issued on "dui yaar-er joto kando" - bengali translation of a great,great russian book. I found that you had read it. I have been searching for the same (after a friend has lost my copy) for a long, long time. I havent found either the english or bengali versions. Can you please help me with the author name or any idea where I can get it ?

    Loads of thanks in advance. !

    - Regards

  8. Souvik4:27 AM

    Sushmita - that book is 'Two Toreadors from Vasukovka Village' by Vsevolod Nestaiko (ISBN-10: 0828526702 ; ISBN-13: 9780828526708). However, there is no Bengali version easily available anymore. You might want to check with old book shops at College Street if they have some used ones.