Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Maggot Infestation

there are hundreds of creepy crawly maggots around the toilets and the laundry room in medusa's hostel. the maggots were first spotted on friday, and so far, everyday their number has been increasing. medusa has been thinking of changing her name to maggot-killer extraodinaire.
leaving apart the nausea that accompanies reptilic things, these maggots pose a serious health problem, as an extensive google search showed that they can cause infection to humans.
the response from the admninistration and the students have been as follows:

1) we will ask the electricians to put brighter lights in the toilets. (yet to happen).
2) you have lived with it for so long, what's a few more days?
3) they are coming from sundari (the hostel dog). truly, irrespective of sundari's girth, if she had to produce the number of maggots that medusa kills, she's would have rotted and disintegrated by now.
4) it's the rains.
5) I will call the plumber.
6) some students suggested an external exterminator. till then, let us wait.

for once, medusa is glad she will be leaving this place soon.