Friday, April 29, 2005

you have freakier hair than i do...i mean seriously, i have been slogging my butt off for the last one day, and all i have produced so far is 500 words? and another 500 to go? and then i have to go back to foucault? hard to belive this is the intellectually stimulating life i had always aspired to, learning to cook would have been so far, i have talked about the mystical foundation of authority and am proceeding to proove that desconstruction is justice, knowing fully well that i do not have an iota of an idea what deconstruction is. bloody unjust i must say. i demand justice. and since "deconstruction is already engaged with this infinite demand of justice", it may well leave me alone.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 28, 2005

well, another day, or rather evening, and another bout of free booze, and ahoard pf women who are always around to gulp it all up...but this time it was nicer because the booze was cocktail,a nd i had no intention of gtetting drunk, actually it is not like it ever helps, i never get drunk anyway, and that can be really frustrating, and to top i8t all the bakery where we went to buy food, the uncle kinda person told us, take care...we must have been stinking of free alcohol....well this is omething i had posted earlier , only that there was an "error", so donot blame me if you have to read the same thing over and over again...maybe it is time i read "zen and the art of motorcycle maintainance" Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

erase and rewind....coz i've been changing my mind

it is kylie for the day, coz i want to say that i decided to change my mind about the look of my bolg, and that is why it looks so sad these days.....(psst pssst, this is her alter ego spaeking, not true not true, and this has to be in italics because in faulkner all interior monolgues are, and why am i speaking about faulkner? don't you dare ask)
o now i know what the link field does, but since i do not have anything to post about apart from the magnificent magnitude of my magnanimous self, i do not have any use for it whatsoever. still before i go on to and on about myself, we would like to take the oppurtunity to thank the blogsite parasite (how gracious of us, we must say) for fixing , rather pointing out the problem with our blog, and finding a way to bypass it.
back to us then...we slept in the morning, and in the afternoon, and went to the best birthday party in the hostel ever, becuase it had plenty of food.
there is this one guy i know who studies in JNU, and everyday he goes to the Std booth to call up his gf (i remember this story coz the gal in qs called me up today) which is always extremely crwoded becuse there are all kinds of other people waiting to call their gfs and bfs also...and so there is never the surety of getting a chance to be able to call at any given time whatsoever.
going back to this guy, when he called up, the gals' mum said she is a bit busy right now, could you call up 10 mins later? our man said, yes yes surely, and put the phone down. but he did not come out of the booth though, heaven knows how long the other guys will take, he did not take a chance and stayed there for full 10 mins while the rest outside tried to break the door open.

Monday, April 25, 2005

i am guessin in another month or a year more, when i smoke i will also look like this, ok maybe not entirely like this, atleast the hair bit....please please please???? Posted by Hello

o just for the heck of it... Posted by Hello

there is a limit to nocturnality

hey, there is something fancy today, right below the place where one writes the title of the blog, there is something called link...obviously i have no idea wha that is supposed to do...and as we all know, who the hell am i flattering though, it feels like my regular 2 and a 1/2 visitors are also overworked...anyway, as we (this time the royal we, that is moi) all know the blog continues to be in the same **************************** (keep on guessin the word i used...he he he he) state, i am still awake and have ben so for ages now...or what feels like is morning now, and to think there was a point of time in my life when i did not see the dawn ever, and now i have down so in 5 consecutive days..ok, ok i accept i havent seen the dawn, but the comp instead...
anyway, i shall stop cribbing and tell u (again hoping) about the real life skit situation tht happend whne these ppl were practising thier skit, and a lecture was going on inside the auditorium...this one guy, O came running out, and told P, hey gimme me a missed call yaar when the speech is done...wea asked why, even though he was almost out of ear shot, running in full speed as if he has been substituted for alonso's car. he shouted back, i am watching the formula ones...and we thought that waskinda funny,the way he was picking up speed. but then P said, i dont have his cell num...
oh what the hell, it really doesnt sound half as funny as it appeared then, who ever said truth is stranger than fiction?
i will continue to pitch for Schumacher...

Saturday, April 23, 2005

my blog is officially humped

i know that there is no such expression, but i just coined it because, look at the sad thig you are looking at right now..................

Adrienne Rich

i belive i have had my fill of the fancy technologies...Have been trying to upload one photo, that too of someone as great as the above mentioned person, and there is invariably some error or the other...So I give up...Or maybe, my giving up has something or else to do with the fact that I am reading Zen and the art of Motorcycle maintenance and am pretty taken with the anti-technology attitude of the narrator's friends....or maybe because i too share that...would you belive it, i can not even play video/ computer games...virtual reality gets a bit too real for me at times...
but coming back to Adrienne Rich, i too belive that there is nothing innate about heterosexuality, and for everything else that i need to tell you guys, but can never be forceful enough, please read "compulsory heterosexuality and lesbian existence"...........

for Adrienne Rich

today's blog is dedicated to this amazing woman, who changed the way i think....please people, do check out atleast "compulsory heterosexuality and the lesbian existence" and then talk!!!">.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


and sad to say, that one is me....
to top it all, "i just want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride it where i like"
ok, dont get all worked up, i just had a really heavy day, and Queen seems to say it for why bother and plagiarise, when you can give it in exact quotes?
and by the way, do check out, for the greatest wallpapers ever.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

hmmmmmm.......sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ufffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!! i cant help it, but even this would have better than the state i am in;east i would not have to study...i heard of this one man, who used to wear a plaster cast on his hand before he had to board a bus, so that he could get a seat....i mean i know that it is very mean and not honest, but think about it...i would get away wothout doing any work...i now more than ever does that porspect seem lucrative...wht an irony na? now that one has finally decided to stay in academics, one is already tired of it...someone said, the grass is always greener..... Posted by Hello

Monday, April 18, 2005

april is the cruellest month

i did not say this, T.S.Eliot did. i can only attest it.
becasue tomorrow is exam time, and it is also time that someone exposed the sham of open book exams.
and they also do not let you update your blog regularly....
i will, promise...soon enough!!!!!!!!!!111

Saturday, April 16, 2005

i fel that strong and that fast and that everything....i mean i know that was really serious and had the potential of becoming much bigger. but i really really did it, have been learning the ropes for a long time now, but this is the first time that anything came out fine. i do feel like a superhero you know! Posted by Hello

Friday, April 15, 2005

the fool on the hill Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

with a little help from my friends.....

have you guys ever stood outside a coffeshop? a hip one, of the ranks of barista or CCD? i have , many a times, and it looks soooooooooooooooo outta this world. i mean the people inside look as if they are all actors and actresses, or heirs and heiresses, and atleast people to whom the page3 attributes stuff like glamour and style? i mean realy, they all have shiny hair, almost perfect figures and impeccable and expensive looking dresses. ok. fine, maybe i was overdoing my awe a bit. but even then, think about it. it can not just be the shiny glass doors and windows...
i went inside one today, and did not feel suitably impressed by the way the table reflected my appearance. which leaves me even more convinced that we had actually journeyed through the looking glass, because i am certain, to any innocent bystander, i was glamour herself.
if you guys are wondering why the mismatching title, well, then, the parasite will enlighten you.
thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!

this is because this blog has been without her for a very very long time...... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Monday, April 11, 2005

it has been an uneventful day

(i am pretending to be an extremely important person, who has by chance stumbled upon a day on which she has not been called on to save the world or to take decisions that would for ever alter the way people have lived so far.)
so today i woke up, and felt an eeerie silence all around me, that took even my super-duper sensory organs some time to get adjusted to...i looked all around and asked myself, what can be the meaning of this? has the world as we know it, finally come to an end? how come i had not been notified of such an occurance? then it occured to me, there were no ringing telephones, because due to my extreme business, i had forgotten to recharge me cell phone, and now my calls are barred.
time hung heavy on my hands. i stared at the ceiling trying to count the cobwebs, but there were not any. i looked at the bookshelf, trying to decide what book to read, but since i had not read any in a very very long time, all of them seemed equally alien, and i was intimidated.
then i suddenly remebered. there is one such place where i can legitimately tell people about my boredom, and bore them in return. that is if they ever bother to get bored. i can write about it in my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

so this is what we were doing yesterday evening...drinking free booze...i mean how dumb can pub people be offering free alcohol to women every friday night? especially when there are the likes of us who will drink them out of house and home...or whichever way that idiom goes...some of us were drunk, most of us were not, and i think the best part of the night was when we stole all the tissues from the loo... ok not we maybe, i did, but none stopped me after all...and there were the usual group of scnatily clad women, and the men attempting to grab whatever they can, and as looking expectantly at the couples making out on the dance floor, hoping to get a free show...i tell you, free stuff is addictive, he more you get the more you want... Posted by Hello

Friday, April 08, 2005

ok i shall not be too harsh on myself, it could have happned to any one, at any given pint in what happened is as follows....i was supposed to have read the second part of a two volume book (really really fat ones at that) by yesterday when the meeting with the superviser was scheduled.i started the day before, but did not proceed beyond the first 10 pages....had to fib, as usual. but anyway, with the resolve to save face at a later point in time, i went straight to the library and sat down to read. after 2 hours, it suddently occured to me to look at the cover page. and there it was, in bold VOL 1. as i said earlier, it could have happned to anyone. Posted by Hello

i am really stupid!!!! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft

i shall explain the heading in a moment. the technique to be adopted , and religiously followed by the reader is stream of consciousness. so i shall tell you what happened in the last two mintues for me to decide to name this post the way it is named.
what happened is as follows.....i was litening to the carpenters.
and they have a song of the same name.
and then i remebered the book i was reading yesterday....the blind assassin by margaret atwood.
i remebered that book becasue it has another book being written inside it, and in that second book, one man tells one woman one story about people from another planet.
cool eh!!!!!!
and then it reminded me that yesterday i had intended to plagiarise from this book and tell the world why i maintain a blog.
but now that my secret is out, i might as well give it in exact quotes.
so here it goes :
"For whom am i writing this? For myself? I think not. I have no picture of myself reading it over at a later time [not true atleast in medusa's case] ...For some stranger, in the future,...? i have no such ambition [ahem ahem!] , or no such hope.
perhaps i write for no one. Perhaps for the same person children are writing for, when they scrawl their names in the snow.!
did this make any sense to anyone? anyone????????????????

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

i have a withdrawal syndrome. i mean, have you ever known anyone who had such romantic and decadent desease? these are things that those extremely hot rock stars had, if they had managed to get off dope for any point of time that is. anyway, the other people who i have seen claiming to have a withdrawal syndrome are the guys i used to have the hots ofr in college, and those who thought me to un-hip to hang around with. but i ain't kidding, i do have a withdrawal syndrome,it wasnt me who came up with the idea, but a doc, who also charged money to let me know what i had laready suspected. Posted by Hello

withdrawl syndrome

Monday, April 04, 2005

hey, it has been three days now and i am still stuck with this, and the deadline is in three hours....but to think back, when did one much care about a dead line anyway...may be one should, but if one could then one would na? Posted by Hello

today has been pretty sad, as you can see from the accompanying photograph....imean like every other guy, i also adore foucult, or atleast claim to...but having to write on him for an assignment? kills all the pleasure and classes follow a repressive mode i unfocauldian!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 03, 2005

you know what, the only post to have attarcted any comment in this blog is thew photo of miss here she is, in popular demand (hopefully no one is going to smell an attempt at sensationalisation)...and to satisfy my very own basic instincts as well......ANGELINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

i am achilles

i am achilles, and this is no boast.
what was his one weakness? his heel!!!!!!!!!!
what are one of the innumerable weaknesses that i have? my heels, thanks for guessing. so last nite i did everything i could to hurt my sprained ankle, ....the logical reasoning is not quite right...or maybe it is just a stretched....whoever heard of the willing suspension of disbelieve?

Saturday, April 02, 2005

ladies and gentlemen, the love of my life Posted by Hello

this is me then, atleast the hair bit of it..... Posted by Hello

yes people, this is just the very best toon in the universe... Posted by Hello

typos rule the day

i have typos....a lot of them...not that its a new discovery or anything....but still...........
am still boring, and bored, sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and this is a hot hot day

i am just learnin to uploadpix, so the next post will take some timje, and hopefully will be really really cool...

in the mean time,

the highlights of the day have been, i still have a sprained ankle...

am still not smoking

i have four assignmments due for minday, and have started working on zero

will come back after having become really net savvy or blog savvy or hitech or whatever

this is my first blog

this is my first blog posting...and dont really know why i have this blog after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i feel like this debutante, though i do not really know how that would be...
well i suppose enough for the day, and if this is my humour level gonna be, i can guess the number of postings it might just attract...