Tuesday, April 26, 2005

erase and rewind....coz i've been changing my mind

it is kylie for the day, coz i want to say that i decided to change my mind about the look of my bolg, and that is why it looks so sad these days.....(psst pssst, this is her alter ego spaeking, not true not true, and this has to be in italics because in faulkner all interior monolgues are, and why am i speaking about faulkner? don't you dare ask)
o now i know what the link field does, but since i do not have anything to post about apart from the magnificent magnitude of my magnanimous self, i do not have any use for it whatsoever. still before i go on to and on about myself, we would like to take the oppurtunity to thank the blogsite parasite (how gracious of us, we must say) for fixing , rather pointing out the problem with our blog, and finding a way to bypass it.
back to us then...we slept in the morning, and in the afternoon, and went to the best birthday party in the hostel ever, becuase it had plenty of food.
there is this one guy i know who studies in JNU, and everyday he goes to the Std booth to call up his gf (i remember this story coz the gal in qs called me up today) which is always extremely crwoded becuse there are all kinds of other people waiting to call their gfs and bfs also...and so there is never the surety of getting a chance to be able to call at any given time whatsoever.
going back to this guy, when he called up, the gals' mum said she is a bit busy right now, could you call up 10 mins later? our man said, yes yes surely, and put the phone down. but he did not come out of the booth though, heaven knows how long the other guys will take, he did not take a chance and stayed there for full 10 mins while the rest outside tried to break the door open.


  1. hmmm on second thought, i think i like this dark ,and therefore very very apparently misterious look much more, and so goodbye my profile and beautiful hair....

  2. yes i am wit ya...i love it!

  3. Anonymous4:32 PM

    hey i really like the new format of the site - especially the cool title font in the header. too bad the issue with the side pane still remains...