Wednesday, April 13, 2005

with a little help from my friends.....

have you guys ever stood outside a coffeshop? a hip one, of the ranks of barista or CCD? i have , many a times, and it looks soooooooooooooooo outta this world. i mean the people inside look as if they are all actors and actresses, or heirs and heiresses, and atleast people to whom the page3 attributes stuff like glamour and style? i mean realy, they all have shiny hair, almost perfect figures and impeccable and expensive looking dresses. ok. fine, maybe i was overdoing my awe a bit. but even then, think about it. it can not just be the shiny glass doors and windows...
i went inside one today, and did not feel suitably impressed by the way the table reflected my appearance. which leaves me even more convinced that we had actually journeyed through the looking glass, because i am certain, to any innocent bystander, i was glamour herself.
if you guys are wondering why the mismatching title, well, then, the parasite will enlighten you.
thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!


  1. blueglassvase7:00 AM

    DAMN why did i move out???

  2. blogsite parasite8:11 AM

    woman, you've actually managed to turn what i believed was a crassly commercial venture (i.e., CCD) into this amazing metaphor for social metamorphosis - and that too, completely "short-circuiting" (ahem, ahem) the class struggle! you know what, following your insight, i'm thinking of changing my dissertation topic... i'll call it 'Coffee Capitalism's Appropriation of the Cinderella Motif' (you know, the whole stepping into the glass and turning into a princess thing :)