Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft

i shall explain the heading in a moment. the technique to be adopted , and religiously followed by the reader is stream of consciousness. so i shall tell you what happened in the last two mintues for me to decide to name this post the way it is named.
what happened is as follows.....i was litening to the carpenters.
and they have a song of the same name.
and then i remebered the book i was reading yesterday....the blind assassin by margaret atwood.
i remebered that book becasue it has another book being written inside it, and in that second book, one man tells one woman one story about people from another planet.
cool eh!!!!!!
and then it reminded me that yesterday i had intended to plagiarise from this book and tell the world why i maintain a blog.
but now that my secret is out, i might as well give it in exact quotes.
so here it goes :
"For whom am i writing this? For myself? I think not. I have no picture of myself reading it over at a later time [not true atleast in medusa's case] ...For some stranger, in the future,...? i have no such ambition [ahem ahem!] , or no such hope.
perhaps i write for no one. Perhaps for the same person children are writing for, when they scrawl their names in the snow.!
did this make any sense to anyone? anyone????????????????


  1. Her Mothership Jocasta11:20 PM

    Undercover agent semuda, your craft has been repaired and is ready for departure. you are hereby instructed to return to XonolaX by 35:65 XST sharp.

    PS: Don't forget to debrief Nietzsche and vaccinate the watermelon informants before you board.

    PS: You will find the ignition key under the doormat in front of the docking area.

  2. ya ya ya ya ya
    not quite actually
    imean i thought the mothership had desreted me
    and now to come back and take all credit for rediscovering me?
    get lost

  3. blueglassvase9:48 PM

    LOLOL!! issat my mothership too??