Monday, April 11, 2005

it has been an uneventful day

(i am pretending to be an extremely important person, who has by chance stumbled upon a day on which she has not been called on to save the world or to take decisions that would for ever alter the way people have lived so far.)
so today i woke up, and felt an eeerie silence all around me, that took even my super-duper sensory organs some time to get adjusted to...i looked all around and asked myself, what can be the meaning of this? has the world as we know it, finally come to an end? how come i had not been notified of such an occurance? then it occured to me, there were no ringing telephones, because due to my extreme business, i had forgotten to recharge me cell phone, and now my calls are barred.
time hung heavy on my hands. i stared at the ceiling trying to count the cobwebs, but there were not any. i looked at the bookshelf, trying to decide what book to read, but since i had not read any in a very very long time, all of them seemed equally alien, and i was intimidated.
then i suddenly remebered. there is one such place where i can legitimately tell people about my boredom, and bore them in return. that is if they ever bother to get bored. i can write about it in my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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