Saturday, April 23, 2005

my blog is officially humped

i know that there is no such expression, but i just coined it because, look at the sad thig you are looking at right now..................


  1. haaw...'least SOMEONE's getting some

  2. Where were you in '68?9:35 AM

    But "humped" is such a crude n brutal and most importantly, phallocentric word na... and how can we hope to overthrow this manworld except by abolishing its manvocabulary...

    maybe we should switch to another word, one that's gentler and less impersonal, one which simultaneously connotes emotional richness and tactile surprise ... and henceforth use only that word to describe all erotic acts, including even, the technological violation of blogs.

    the word i'm suggesting is "felt", as in, "my blog has officially been felt".

  3. you know, the intention was to express some of the crudity and the phallocentrism,and all the violence attached to it...felt is a nice and good word, why would i want to say something nice to something this bad?