Wednesday, May 25, 2005

ah well!!!

i was absolutely certain that there is no point in continuing qwith the blog, specially since no one is going to miss it anyway, least of all me. so i resolutely did not think about it for a couple of weeks, and surprisingly did not miss it at all. and then slowly did not think about it at all,forgot that there are such things as blogs, and that i have one of them.
but today after ages, when i did fing it in my window, absolutely by mistake, it felt kinda nice. imean this is a thing that i have made, given shape to, constructed...blah blah blah....and it continued to exist even after i forgot all about it.
the feeling is pretty exhilarating i must say.


  1. blogsite parasite12:55 PM

    i guess blogs need vacations too...

  2. where are you??????????? come back!!!!! i miss you!