Wednesday, May 04, 2005

this is not just my frustration speaking, it is hard being a lonely dissertation student when everyone is off for home, and resist the temptation of not give in to all kinds of fantasies... Posted by Hello


  1. blogsite parasite10:10 PM

    am i going crazy or do i see the outline of a cute cartoon cow figured by the lady's torso... (please indulge me on this one)...

    her arms are its horns,

    the thin black line below her belly button and just above her skirt is its mouth,

    its eyes are, well...

  2. blueglassvase10:54 PM

    metooalso see cow!

  3. you guys, i understand that in this postmodern age it is ver7y important to allow the free play of all the hetherto marginalised meanings...but why are you all set on repressing my erotic experience? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, how non-pomo