Tuesday, May 10, 2005

because it has been too long without her...you fill up my senses, like a noght in the forest...ahem ahem...inuendos always ruled the day for me, and right now the ones that are suggesting themselves to me are pretty graphic...so i shall leave now, and think about them... Posted by Hello


  1. blogsite parasite10:37 AM

    The Govt of India Song

    You fill up my census,
    like a ship in a forest,
    like santa in the springtime,
    like sunscreen in the rain
    like penguins in the desert,
    like a shocking pink ocean.
    you fill up my census,
    come fill me again

    come let me document you,
    let me give my form to you,
    let me drown in your data,
    let me go through your forms
    how many children have you?
    does your grandma stay with you?
    come let me know you,
    let me know you again.

    and *drools* at the pic
    miss you guys... *sniffle*