Monday, May 02, 2005

i'm leaving on a jetplane....

not really, but still, everyone has started leaving, and i and a few other nerds are staying back in the hostel...and whne i woke up last faternoon and found water in the bathroom next to my room, i was actually pretty happy about it, less people more water, the only way you can take on this heat i suppose.
in the meantime i continue to try and learn how to post a photo in the blogm without using picasa, and am reminded of this one teacher i used to know, who everyone had a crush on. and he had this huge fan folowing, and so if he needed any information all he had to do was to mention it in his classes, and the next class half a dozen ppl will be ready to tell him all he needed to know.
sigh,, i wish i was sum such person, or else my faithful two and a half visitors suddenly cloned themselves and overpopulated my blog like xiaxue's.


  1. sure you can add me to your team members list, i am faily shocked that anyone bothers to read my blog though, but "eh...

  2. Anonymous12:18 AM

    i am fairly regular luv,as far as \ reading goes. It's just \ posting comments dat I'm tardy with.

  3. blueglassvase4:20 PM

    soemthing wrong wit yer blog....i cant see comentns, welli can but after much work. its official im in love.

  4. with whom why and why? this was for bgv by the way....