Friday, March 31, 2006

stoned post

i am so tired, what with the gym and the need to study (after dearest supervisor sent a really angry and sarcastic mail) and the general trauma of day to day life (i just said that, i do not really think that day to day life is a big deal afer all)......i feel like i am indeed already stoned, much before the pot has even arrived to the campus.
therefore i am going to write whatever i feel like and not care about the spelling or the grammar ( not that there is much of it ever) and write a stoned post.
i like drinking, and much more than that i like getting stoned, but i like it because i think that it is a great fun thing to do. and i do not like it at all when people drink because of sadness or any such malady that has been always represented as the only logical state of being in which such intoxicants can be indulged into.
hmm....enough of wise remarks.
in bengali (for the uninitiated, that is my mother tongue) there is a concept called "jnanpapi". "jnan" here is knowledge, while "papi" will stand for sinner.
so what it basically tries to say is that the "knowledge-sinner" is one who is fully aware of the implications of her actions, but does nothing whatsoever to change the state of affairs, no matter how harmful that might be for herself.
i revel in that state if being .
it gives me an immense sense of self possession and i feel responsible for my actions. after all, you always know what you are getting into, and you always have the chance to walk out, walk away, but you don't, coz u r responsible t yourself and etc....


  1. Such wise words, from one so young.

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  3. hey guys.....look who decided to visit my blog.....and i suppose i will not delete the above comment and leave it just for fun.....

  4. Power corrupts. Knowledge is power. Study hard. Be evil.

    i too like drinking for fun for i too believe that somethings should b done just for the heck of it.why should one look for a reason to drink, smoke, smoke pot?
    in my hostel there was a rumour that i started drinking and smoking after a severe heart break. i shocked all by stating the fact, "no. i smoke and drink cause i like to. there was no particular reason for it."

    but of course

  6. Anonymous6:06 PM

    sorry,but i think it is merely a delusion of having yur "self" possesed by you.[by the way,how can you possess your "self"& is it desirable indeed?]if you realy had the courage to just "walk away' you could have dn it much before.
    by these actions you are only letting your"self" being posessed by your actons,not vice versa....think again..

  7. oh i know what you mean. someone just asked me if i was stoned. i wish. other than that, i'm listening to mizfit right now... be evil and such and such

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  9. Anonymous5:38 AM

    self will is the only trait that takes no account of man-made laws.

    my idol, Bruce Lee was a self-willed man. note the difference between self-made and self-willed.

    a self-made man could be anyone (man or woman) who made it in the business world for example.

    a self-willed person is one who follows only the dictates of his own heart.

    some fictional characters like Conan are also self-willed.

    check this out..

    what u are doing is choosing to revel in an altered state of consciousness, be it drunken stupor or manipulation of neurotransmitters.

    however, u may unwittingly be conforming to society's 'accepted' way of making urself feel better.

    will try to post on that sometime in future, time willing and if i can get mine thoughts together.

    not saying its so simple like, ur a conformist or anything. i just think maybe ur revels need a lil more self-questioning, thats all.

    find a more concrete reason(s) to continue. then continue if that makes ya happy ;)

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