Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Class Struggle

I have finally figured out what is wrong with my life. I mean I had to sit down yesterday and think hard for two three hours or more, not an easy task given that I intend to make a living as a thinker and am saving all my thinking capacities for later on.
anyway, the basic premise of this thought process was the knowledge that nothing has been going right inmy life since November, ok, lets not be so melodramatic and say that nothing has been going right, just that the course work that had to be finished in January is still left and that I haven't done anything that can even remotely be considered academic in quite some time now.
so what do smart people like me do when they are faced with a problem? They look for its cause. And when they find it, they also find a solution. Or atleast that is what it usually happens.
so I started by thinking what are the things that have changed in my life since November? I still have the most important people in my life: both BOYFRIEND and friends, (even though the last ones seem to be spending more time with an adorable puppy called simba than with me, but then such things happen).
I still smoke, so this is not an withdrawal syndrome, even though I don't think anyone has heard of an withdrawal syndrome that has lasted for four months.
I am still gaining weight, and have resigned myself to the fact that this is an irreversible process.
I have also been religiously falling ill once a month atleast, and in the last case have spent one whole month in bed.
so the only thing that seems to have changed is that I no longer have classes to go to. I don't have to wake up in the mornings anymore, I don't have to hide from adorable professors when I run out of excuses, I don't have to read for class and to top it all I can not bitch about stupid questions that I would have never asked in class because I am so smart.
now all my time is my own. Like the superannuated Charles Lamb, time hangs heavy on me . I can go wherever I want to and do whatever I like, all my time is MINE ALL Mine.
and I hate it.
and I don't do any work.
what is the solution?
suggestions anybody?
among other things.......Have a stomach upset.


  1. Oh! God knowing you as a person all this must have come as a crisis.
    Oh cho sad...
    hey kidding, pull up ur socks and i'll make it easier even I ve loads to do, for instance I am to give a write up tommorow and I ve 'nt even begun thinking about it...
    serendipiduous has some millions of assignment pending.
    so does it make life easier?

  2. guess what i am going to do attending class with u guys tomorrow... smirk....

  3. hey solan that was totally unwarranted for ...

  4. Has the brain a limited amount of thought within it, or is it like a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly to achieve its full potential?


  5. thats post was meant to go in the similar lines ::puzzled::

  6. mizfit, was that comment for my post or for dave? am guessing it was for dave, and will take up dave's invitation to discuss it. you guys are also as always most welcome to do the same.

  7. welcome back to class girl.

  8. @medusa~
    my previous comment was for u.

    i think that thinking about every important and nonscensical matter is very important in life. it not only gives the brain some exercise but also helps one see humour in day-to-day mini crises :)

    for me, brain is more than a cluster of muscles and it does not encompass limited thoughts. it is like a miniature form of universe that each carries over their shoulder. no one knows its limit and definitely one can barely comprehend the hidden mysteries and complexities it holds...who are u? i don't want to know ur name, age, address, profession, ur background etc...see? i set u thinking, right? and u wud definitely not b able to give me an answer that wud stand the test of time and circumstances.THAT, my dear, is the wonder of ur lil universe.

  9. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Medusa ~ all that is, needs purpose. you seem to have temporarily misplaced urs..

    an intelligent mind creates its own troubles too..thinks 2 much *wink*

  10. saving all the thinking capacities for later on...That's sort of like my husband, who, after watching the French soccer team get thrashed by a third rate team, said hopefully "They're saving all their goals for the World Cup."

    Personally, I think that talent, intelligence, and goals can go to waste, so might as well use the thinking now.

  11. why aren't you posting these days by the way?


    Thats the sounds page.

  13. Dear Medusa,
    take it one day at a time. Start with the easy, non-threatening part of your course work. Don't think of how much is left. Just do a little bit every day. Pay attention to what you eat and drink, and for a few minutes a day, concentrate on your breathing.
    I promise you things will be much better.