Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy holi everyone...

for those who do not know, holi is supposed to be the festival of colours....And what is the connection of that to the pic above you ask? Ah well. This post is about the the shadow that falls between desire and duty, the ideal and the available, the divine and the human, the prosaic and the exotic.
I have to be like Cecilia, and last night/ morning when I went off to sleep, had a full intention of doing that as well. So when from ten in the morning unknown people started banging on my door and yelling my name in order to put colour on me, I ignored them for half an hour straight...And then had to give in to nature's call.
along came red yellow green and black, administered on me by people who were non recognizable with all the color on their persons....And I said to myself, ah well, what the hell!!!! You know you want to play holi, so just go ahead na......
even then the situation could have been avoided, but with the next rush of humanity came a raw egg that was broken and smeared on my hair and my t shirt....And some more colour on the teeth and inside the mouth....
the stage was set for a long long day of fun, food and dirt...Topped with bhang....(pellets that taste yucky but give you the greatest high of em all) and some pot.
the last time this body came in touch with intoxicants was two and a half months ago....
and the wait was worth it.
and then realize another day of my life is off.....Done with....Finished....The course work, however, remains where it was...No where that is.
that is why Cecilia....Inspiration after all.


  1. Strange that I'd gone my whole life with never hearing about this festival, until last weekend. If I hadn't read about it then, I wouldn't have understood what on earth you were talking about.

  2. that i also thought of, but then, i kinda also thought that holi is something everyone knows about, i mean after all all the travel shows n etc always mention this...

  3. i want pot.
    madamji when might i solicit an appointment? wish i didnt have to come to pisspot though, it really makes my flesh crawl these days.

  4. hmmm...i ran off to some executive guest house my dad booked for me for holi. iit holi is lifted straight out of some teen slasher movie....clothes being torn, ppl screaming in agony, mudbaths :P. i was too happy to avoid it.
    p.s.:hi, how u been?

  5. Finally, I don get to see that green and pink Class

  6. How'd you get the raw egg outa your hair?!

  7. Happy holi day!
    Sounds like an Indian festival.
    I want to be saffron yellow and emerald green today!

  8. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Medusa ~ isn't Holi something to do with a demoness in ancient times who liked to consume children who met with her doom? ;)

    i have procrastination in such high amounts that i may as well find a legal means to sell the dayyum thing!!