Wednesday, March 08, 2006

i feel lonely

Funny thing this blog is. it was supposed to be this anonymous space where i could write whatever i wanted to, and not be bothered by what is it that i write becuase no one will know who i am, but ofcourse, i had to give that chane up, come to think of it there wasnt much of one anyway, since the blog was jointly created by three people though kept up by just me.
what on earth is this that i am talking about?
i need a class to go to.
i need to feel less lonely.
i need to know that the walls closing down on me are just illusions.
are there any illusions?


  1. *hugses* me, i wonder if there are any non illusions.

  2. Life is an illusion.

    Oh no, it's not, is it? It's an elaborat metaphor for something or other...

  3. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Dave has a good point.

    how are you not anonymous?
    maybe the difference iz..some of us dont know ya but have come to care a lil bout what happens to ya.

    ain't such a bad thing..u can still rant/cuss all u want ::grins::

    wheres dat Medusa i first read bout barely able to stand after drinking too much @ clubs??

    hey, yer fans r still here
    ..and wonderin what u've been up to!!

  4. u are still a complete mystery to me medusa :P

  5. Anonymous6:28 PM

    *HUGGGGG* I know what you need! You need to go out, do lots and lots of window shopping and then top it up with a lavish dinner/lunch with all your dishes and drinks. Or better still, why not RDB one more time??? Or maybe try one of those Pub lunch thingies??? See, There're so many options...*GRIN*

  6. hey!
    lonely cant be bad all the time.
    may be now you will get to see your room for what it is with less ppl in it.

  7. mmm... know what u mean... anonymity... doesnt really stay, does it? talkingclosets was sposed to be a secret part of me at first.. and then i got to meet the ppl who read it... (the ones in bbay at least)... and then i discovered, a lot of bbay guys actually read it and know who writes it... so umm... what was the thing called anonymity again? lol.

  8. by de way, hope u dont mind if i add ya to my blog roll ;-)