Monday, March 20, 2006

I Love my Love and my Love loves me

My graduation college teacher once told me this was the line her son was supposed say in a school play.
since then this line has been the defining expression that serves to illustrate the way of mind of all happily in love people, least of all me.
now, why this sudden plunge into mush, when this blog had stayed clear of it for so long (provided you do not consider wallowing in self pity to be mush)...and for the answer one has to look into a non-documented conversation between GHB and medusa, in which they agree to follow UG and MIzfit's example and write about LOOOOOOOOOOOOve.
Most probably i would have followed GHB's sexample and written about the most important person in my life, or about the innumerable curshes and heartbreaks that have not taught me a lesson yet. For someone who has been in a serious relationship for more than three years now, i do tend to fall for other people much more than seems to be regular. and go through the usual routine of pining, whining, lusting and getting over it.
but then, on Saturday, i watched this film by a famous Tamil director called Cheran, "Autograph". The film club had organised a Cheran film festival, and my observation of this director's world view is that, he belives, everything that could go wrong shall and should go wrong, and then some more. a total beliver in Murphy's LAw i tell ya.
anyway, so in this film, the hero falls in love with a girl from a traditional family, who is then married off and hero and his family beaten up and deported.
pining away to glory, hero starts smoking, and burns his chest.
concerned father: how could you do this Senthil? How have you started smoking?
Son: {silent, because when you are pining you do not speak}
Concerned Uncle to Father: What are you saying my good man? a man with a broken heart will smoke, dope drink and grow a beard. BE HAPPY THAT YOUR SON HAS ONLY BEEN SMOKING.

interesting observation indeed. especially since in the very next shot the son is shown drinking in a pub and then lying down sloshed in the middle of a market place.

But this brings me to my original topic, that is, "I love my love and my love loves me". and even that is not the case, i have never felt the need to drown my sorrows in alcohol, especially since drinking always seems to be such a happy thing to do. or dope.

so this is an open letter to the film makers of the world. kindly dispense with the usual scenes of drunken sorrow, make the pining heart eat chocolates instead.


  1. eating chocolate and drinking mango shakes would cheer anybody :)

  2. should i say.'i love my blog and my blog loves me' or ' i love myself and myself loves me'? i know UG and I have been talking too much abt loooooooove but thats because it's a love virus that has to run it's full course. and yeah, i've heard it affects brains...UURkk tipsy cuchicoo blah blah blog

  3. Howdy medusa! The last time i heard from you was right as i was leaving the blogsphere. I thot maybe you'd died of some mysterious disease...It seems you are alive & well as am I. I just returned & will take a few days to catch up. XXX's & OOO's

  4. i don't know about mango shakes, but chocolates? definitely in all forms of it.

    (have been reading you awhile, but mostly was out of commission. now that i'm back, i've linked you. is that cool?)

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  6. Chocolate lifts the lowest spirits...
    I love my love 'cause my love loves me, and we sit together in the cocoa tree. When he's mean I cry a lot, then dry my tears & eat Chocolate.

  7. PS - I'll add your link to my blogroll too! Thanks for asking!

  8. yah eat choclates then have sex and finally say,

    "Better than Choclate"

    ok that was a pj:(

  9. you could say you'll give me a million bucks then?

    oh, and honestly, i think EBB had no clue with i love my love and my love loves me. fucking tongue twister.

  10. Anonymous10:28 AM

    ~ Medusa ~
    ditto on the innumerable crushes and feeling crushed.

    then again, if you decided to 'learn' from ur mistakes and completely absolve urself of love, u'd end up like me..

    i wonder who has it worse lol

    yeah, chocolates r tasty while alcohol simply stinks.
    even ciggs smell like fresh air compared to liquor..

  11. Anonymous5:47 PM

    This is one thing that always leaves me surprised. Why, in the first place, should one find solace in anything at all (be it alcohol or chocolates) after one’s love turns bitter? Isn’t it a sign of timidity or a route to escape from pain? I mean, if you had the heart to fall in love with someone, why not also have the courage to face the pain that it brings in eventually? If you ask me, both the initial pleasure and the eventual pain are parts of the same love. If you've decided not to go through the pain then it means you never in the first place deserved the love that came into your life. No wonder, you lost it already. Be honest to yourself – if love brings pain, let it hurt you. If it tears your life apart, allow it to do it. If it makes a mess of your possible future relationships and career, give it its freedom. It has got a life and character of its own. And thankfully, its wrath won’t last long. Love is never that cruel to us ordinary mortals who are not capable of extraordinary love. So just bow and bear the pain in silence. That alone will make you stronger and purer and one day will even make you worthy of receiving more love from the same person or another. At least respect, if not love. Alcohol and chocolates will only help you join the race again. The race where you can never hope to find true love. Simply because Love doesn't knock the doors of happy losers who drop out of the tests. It greets only those who RESPECT it. Both in happiness and pain.