Monday, March 06, 2006

it rained a lot

there arent too many better feelings than the one of getting wet in the rain. everytime it rains it does not only cleanse the dust and the grime that had been accumulated through the rainless day, it also cleanses my soul.
i rush out with the first drop, and get wet. i soak up the rain drops, i look at the world through blurred glasses and smile like a silly fool who "sees the sun going down" and the eyes in whose head dont see much. i feel all the pent up angst of the day and night ebbbing away...take away my anger, my frustration and my even takes away my ennui
and the best part about the rain is that you can cry and no one will see your tears melting those of the sky, melting you and malting that block of sadness that often threatens to choke you.
you are overwhelmed.


  1. Hurrah!!!! You're back!! ;)

  2. welcome back lovey! when do i see youse? there must be SUMMAT gratuitous and alcoholic on

  3. i am as game as it gets. but thenrnt we avoiding tds? where then?

    welcome back medusa

  5. Anonymous8:59 AM

    yo! glad ta see yer alive and kickin'..

    chill seeps into clothes, skin, and bone..rain is fun ;)

  6. hey welcome back!
    i ve been blogging fervently these days n so the comment i guess.
    but whats wrong? why do you sound sad, perhaps the first sad post on ur blog.

  7. you seem sad in real time too!
    hope its not hyd.
    or well!!! it must be hyd. sigh.

  8. when i feel the way u have mentioned, i feel closer to the song "crying in the rain". read the lyrics on my blog.