Tuesday, February 07, 2006

more on me (as if this blog ever talked abt anything else)

thanks for all the wishes you guys. and someone's wish did come true, but i dont really know whose wish came true, what was it that i was wishing for and whether what happened is good or bad.
so basically since my doc tells me tht since i seem to have vasovagal syncope i need to have a positive tilt test, i.e. i need to faint on the tilt table.
wait i already wrote this.
anyway, so even though i went thru the test with a damaged foot (n it did hurt) and suffered one attendant who pricked my hand five times before she cd find the right vein, and one doc who insisted i cant be older than a school kid (blush blush), i did not faint.
so maybe i have the syncope, but the test doesnt show it.
so what does one do? esp since this is the only test of its kind tht conclusive;y proves the syncope.
hmmmm i dunno.
btw, trivia: a tilt test in India costs 1500/-, which is abt 30 US dollars, while on in the US costs 1380 dollars.


  1. schoolgirl?wow! thats a great compliment for any woman over 18 years.i like this doctor already!

  2. I'm going to go look that vasovagal syncope up.

    WOW! 30$$$! A doctors appointment here, (just the talking part, about 15 minutes if you are lucky) costs 65$$$

  3. blogsite parasite10:06 PM

    ok so i guess you're wondering whether to take the tilt test again or not. But what about the other tests you were supposed to take? will they help in confirming the syncope hypothesis?

    while on the topic of healthcare in India, here's food for thought.

  4. Anonymous5:53 PM

    ::grins:: curiouser & curiouser..

  5. so what now, school kid? [:P]

  6. Hope your foot gets better.
    Where in India are you?
    All the best

  7. helo!
    how are you?
    why no activity?
    on the blog that is.
    peerhaps in real life there are some, activities that is.
    so can you movefine?
    when you comin back?

  8. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Medusa ~ uglygirl jus' spoke my mind ;)

  9. where are u medusa? :((

  10. now that you are back...................................................