Sunday, February 05, 2006


going for my test tomorrow...which to my great discofort entails fainting in order to be able to diagnose what is it exactly that is wrong...
and i thought that the problem was that i was fainting.
what else to report?
lethargy has taken over. do not want to do anything, least of all anything academic. even reading blogs seem to be too much of an effort.
but will do that now.


  1. Does that mean you can faint at will?

    Like someone out of Jane Austin?

  2. If you stop blogging w/out tellin g anyone I will worry about you forever. Good luck w/the tests.

    If you were here, I would feed you chicken soup(our cure for anything that ails a person) If you happen to be vegatarian, it's chicken flavored soup.

  3. blogsite parasite11:39 PM

    Lucky we live in an age where technology can be used to induce as well as to deduce fainting...

    In an earlier age, a physician would simply have thrown up his hands and said "i haven't the faint-test!"

    Smile please :)

  4. u'r blogging again?? yayyy.
    hope ur tests show some positive results.

  5. Anonymous4:56 AM


    get da results first..
    chronic fatigue is a b#tch.

  6. well happy fainting. You must be fainting just about now if i have got the time right.
    tell us how it goes.

  7. i can understand u not wanting to read anything academically inclined but u can definately read nonsense on blogs and comment anyways.

    take care and hope the results wud b just as we all praying for it to b.

  8. hello!
    kobe ashchhish ciefl e?
    love ;)