Saturday, January 28, 2006

hello blogger land

am at home.
am doing nothing important or interesting.
but the nice stick that i have been given is really cool.
what else, will write again later after catching up with the rest of the blog world.


  1. read my review of 'rang de basanti' dedicated to u. :)
    how u vaise?

  2. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Medusa ~ welcome back!

    doez yer stick have a concealed weapon? like, a 2' long candy cane ;)

  3. no point welcoming u, so many already have. how r u by the way?the keyboard is fucked so it bugs u to write even a word.
    the past week was dedicated to booze. you J?

  4. Sitting here in sunny southern Califoria, at my friends computer. I just had to check up on ya. Glad to know you are still alive & kicking (w/one foot, anyway) Talk to you again in a few dayswhen I get home

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  6. nice to see a new post on ur blog. it means u r alive in some corner of the globe. welcome back.

  7. looks like you having fun at home, good good! Will come by and check your stick out.
    Take care.

  8. hellooo
    is not what happening at home wortha mention?