Thursday, January 19, 2006

i am going home

finally my parents lost all kinds of semblances of sanity, and almost ordered me home.
so i am going home coming monday, and not coming back for a month almost.
and why is it so? coz i apparently have something called "vasovagal syncope" and so need a lifestyle change.
any suggestions any one?
just in order to cheer myself up, lets have a dose of angelina.
i promise to post better stuff from tomorrow onwards, today the leg is aching to much.
i however have one of those box thingies now, which u use to walk when you cant walk. so am quite empowered.
but, walking with it is so slow that i usually carry it while hopping to the loo and carry it back again.
so now you know why my leg hurts so much.


  1. awww poo boo. loves you. will seeya sat? or no?

  2. u'r goin?? :(((
    who'll agony aunt me now??? :(((((((

  3. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Medusa ~ Is dat tattoo real? Prettiest pic of her I ever saw.

    Take yer time to digest the diagnosis, eh?

    Also..kinda need some info on yer current lifestyle since me just got to know ya!! ;)

  4. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Medusa ~ Just hit me that you might be finding it difficult to post info. ::wry smile::

    Will read up on yer previous posts to get the lowdown..

  5. good for you i think!
    will kinda miss you! blush blush!

  6. I just loooked up your condition on Google. It's just a posh word for fainting. 'This is a very common condition that results in fainting or a blackout in as many as half of people at least once in their life.'

    As I've never fainted (yet) you've obviously got my share.

    Take care.

  7. i know, but three percent of the human populace apparently does it repeatedly and i am one of them

  8. do you need a helmet? that would rule. some people wear glasses, others wear retainers, but you need a helmet! although, the diagnosis is a good ordered change of lifestyle, i.e. no more stress--little more "you time." how is that going to suck? ;)

  9. hey take care have loads of fun, come back soon and get sweets. please

  10. I looked up vasovagal syncope. It sounds like one of those diagnosis they give you when they don't know what's wrong.
    Perhasps it's a kind of panic attack? maybe you should come to the U.S. & visit me.