Sunday, January 15, 2006

illness chronicles chapter one

hello blogworld...and thanks a ton for all the nice messages...
the accompanying picture, as you must have guessed, is of my left foot. and the rest of the pic has my room, two pics of the boy friend and the back of another friend.
tomorrow i am going to meet another neurologist (since the first two that i met, kinda shooed me off and told me it must be something to do with the heart), and see what happens.
as of now, i hop to the bathroom thrice a day, and i have become so good in jumping on one leg that i regularly beat other people on a race to the loo.
my friends are the greatest in the wolrd, they get me food, keep a watch on me when i go to the loo (which is minimal since i have practically given up drinking water as going to the loo entails hopping a hundred meters on one leg, getting the artificial comode attachment in place then do stuff and then wash it and put it back and hop back...that too bare feet), and then generally keep me entertained thru the day and sleep in my room in the night.
i also am the filthiest being on the planet right now, and so they plan to hose me down in the garden tomorrow.
till then, bye bye....


  1. So glad to see your foot is being taken care of. & glad your friends are there... bad foot & going to the bathroom alot. sounds like Diabetes? give us a diagnosis

  2. p. s. If I ever need a partner in a 3-legged race...P.S. go to my musings rants & ravings site. pic. for you of my son.

  3. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Didn't the hospital people give ya a walking stick at least??? Okay, ask yer pals to go to a store asap and get you one aiigh't?

    Muscle is 70% water, so if you dont swallow enough it will probably get even harder to hop..

    Cute bandage and smooth tan. ;)
    Buh bye..

  4. are u sure we never met before? i mean in my 4 years in hyd, we must have crossed paths sometime? i mean, your left leg looks quite familiar...i'm still trying to recall where i saw that leg, that super foot before...

  5. The Good Doctor9:11 PM

    i agree with Sol. Hopping aint a good idea at all... You need to use crutches. I've seen most people who fracture their leg(s) use them. Same solution would apply to soft-tissue-damaged legs too, i guess.

  6. hey!
    i wanted to see you today!
    would you like some mills and boon? tell me if you want.
    see you tomorrow.

  7. i definitely want some and more mills and boon...i am sooooo aint funny