Monday, January 09, 2006

film analysis

this is what i have been up to over the last twenty four hours....watching and disliking films that have nothing to do with the papers that i have to write and that are due in less than a week's time...
Did not like "Be Cool" at all, even though John Travolta was way too cool getting a deserving yet under-exposed singing sensation her true rights...he was all over the place, dancing with uma thurman and playing clever tricks with the pawn cards..but this ffilm is almost impossible to understand if you have not watched "get shorty:, and since i hadn't, i suppose i should better reserve my comments. the rock was way too cool for words though.
"History of violence" is definitely not a film worth viewing. and i am absolutely serious. not because i can not watch violence on screen, but because this film should have ended half and hour or more before it actually did. according to the dvd cover, this film is about one guy who shoots some bad guys trying to protect his family and job etc, and then is mistaken as someone else by some gangsters. one can only dream of what the film could have become if Viggo Mortensen (looking gross, a huge let down after Lord of the rings) was actually not the guy thses people were claiming he is. but he had to be, because the direcor was hoping for some subtle psychological drama that definitely eluded the likes of me who are as of now fully steeped in film theory. but the sex scenes were great.
"Taking Lives" was definitely the best of the lot, though medusa is proud to say that she is now a competent reader of the filmic narrative. there were some unncessary twists and turns, ones that were not important, and did not serve any purpose. but what the hell. Angelina Jolie was looking good, and that is an understatement.
so now i shall go back to not studying.


  1. hi! i'm back after long inaction. unlike u, i have not been watching movies as such but did watch 'salaam namaste' for the first time, yest. thats how sad my life is rt now :(

  2. hey there. To answer your question a really exceptional chick is hard to find without it being cheesy and crappy. For me the quality of the work is crucial. I typically don't like tear jerkers and the overly sappy love stories. Maybe thats why I love "Casablanca"; it's a great love story without the sickenly happy ending. There are exceptions to that rule of course. "Dirty Dancing" and "When Harry Met Sally" are two examples I can think of. Does that answer your question?

  3. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Reminds me of the time when me & best friend would rent 4 movies and finish them in 1 night. ;)

    Miss those days..

    Nice reviews. I had a problem with the finishing of Taking Lives. *Angelina Jolie* was not @ pregnancy weight. A smart killer like Ethan Hawke's character would've known that. Or she just got lucky.

    Will look up History of Violence if possible. Strange, the title didn't suggest (to me) the inclusion of sex scenes. Enjoy Viggo's acting & screen presence, cute or not! ;)

    Travolta is a class act. Excellent at playing villains, especially. Need to watch this one for the laughs, if any..

    (Nada comment on Angelina @ this time 2 avoid possibility of whizzing bullets)

  4. Anonymous9:28 PM

    I liked A History of Violence See My Review. If I remember correctly, I fell asleep on Be Cool, even though I was dying to see Dwayne Johnson as a gay guy (right movie?).

    On a separate note, that Jan 5 pic does not do you justice. We want to see the true, natural beauty that is medusastoned.