Monday, January 16, 2006

Illness Chronicles chapter two

We woke up bright and early (at ten o clock in the morning), and managed to go to the loo by ourselves atleast once during the course of the day.
Also, had a bath on the hostel lawn, with two women and lots of water and me sitting on a chair like royalty.
But the greatest piece of entertainment for the day was to come from the neurologist that i went to meet.
the attendant wheeled me into his chamber, and he looked at me in my shorts, saw my hair and my bandage, and said "why didn't you walk in? why did you need this chair?"
my frends: "er...umm....she has hurt her leg....."
Doc...." on...."
Medusa: "blah blah "
Doc: Ok, get this "tilt test" done and then come to see me.
Medusa: o. By the way, does this have anything to do with smoking?
Doc: What? You smoke?
Medusa: (v v embarrassed) YA
Doc: How old are you?
Medusa: (please dont scold me, and i know u wd never ask this question to a guy) 24
Doc: That young? How many cigs a day?
Medusa: errrr.......10
Doc: Where did you get this habit from?
Now what can one say to that? so one kept quiet and ran away......


  1. grrrr~ brain doctors! i like hammers... the cure for everything that ails you! if your arm hurts, hit yourself in the leg with the hammer! you will forget about your arm all together. so, for you, i think a stern bashing of the thumb is in order to keep your mind off of fainting or your foot!

    i am the doctor! DR FORKBEARD!

  2. lol...wot a chhooth! how unprofessional.

  3. Oh you poor baby, those bad dr's picking om you. I bet he smokes cigs, eh? Don't let them make you feel all guilty. I put up cartoon on musinmgs, rants, ravinmgs. go look :)

    Guess what? L. guy finally likes me, whatdo ya think of that?

  4. do i smell GENDER DISCRIMINATION?? i think indians are still unprepared to see a gal smoke. who could understand more than this fellow blogger and smoker;)

  5. Anonymous12:38 PM

    hmmm, well your not a kid

    ..maybe the guy needs to watch an hour of Natural Born Killers to get his priorities straight. ;)

    me gotta do a review on that flick sometime..

    besides, if he doesnt take the trouble to examine ya non-threateningly, how in hell to find out whats really wrong??

    get a second opinion. his sux.

  6. Mind you, in a paternal way, may I say that smoking is definitely bad for you, and ask you nicely to give it up.

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  8. Do you think the smoking issue was because you are a woman? Why? because it looks bad?
    The Doc sounds like a jerk. Maybe once you get to know him...hopefully you'll escape, before he becomes too familer

  9. BTW< sorry about the pic. of my son. I couldn't get it to go thro.

    maybe some other time.
    Get well soon

  10. Seriously why do people ask where did you get this habit from? As if they are asking which mall did you pick your dress from? How does it matter from where? Now it is all ours. And I always feel weird when I go for any test to the doc with my parents, thinking they might find out that i smoke.
    They still don't know, after almost 4 years of smoking.