Friday, November 11, 2005

time and such mundane things

ok, first acknowledgements. i owe the inspiration to dave, but that is where his influence stops, coz like great and not so great writers and composers and etc, i would like to claim originality in whatever else follows.
i mean, if you are in India, and have had a certain amount of exposure to Hindi film songs, then you have to be familiar with the Anu Malik type composers, who are regularly inspired by various artists all over the world, and in effect put inane lyrics to the copied tunes, without ever acknowledging the original.
I am not complaining, but i am not following his example either. Atleast not yet.
Anyway, the point of the matter is this: I want a world, or rather i want to be in such a position (the world and rest of the fellow humanity can go to hell) where no watches will ever be required. I mean i am not claiming that i shall never do any work, all that i am asking for is the liberty of doing it at my own pace.
And you know what? Am actually approximating that position.
How you ask?
Ok, i do not have an alarm clock, rather i have two, but i do not use them, and therefore i never wake up when everyone expects me to wake up. Since i do not wake up ever in time for breakfast or lunch, i can go and have really nice dinner where ever i want to.
apart from the gastronomical freedom, i also do not have to attend classes.
and since i do not attend classes, i do not have to submit assignments.
Nice na?


  1. Yes, but where is it going to get you in the end?

  2. OMG another coincedence! i've become too lazy to attend classes these days, unless (a) somebody wakes me and accompanies me all the way to the classroom (which never happens b'coz everyone else is always sleeping too) or (b) a prof threatens to flunk me.
    obviously (b) has proven most effective till now.

  3. My comment was just a typical old person moaning about young people's lazyness. It was said tongue in cheek. Don't take me seriously, please.

  4. Anonymous4:03 AM

    Oh but far bette a mirror you would be to reflect her beauty back at her.

  5. Anonymous4:06 AM

    wait! this one's better because it rhymes...

    but a far better mirror thou would be to reflect her beauty back on she.