Saturday, November 05, 2005


the title, as usual hopes to have no bearing with what is to be written, just that i have been as usual thinking about the purpose of blog, and for once, i am clear that i did and do intend to write for an intended set of readers, readers that would read, but i would have no ways of getting across to them or they to me apart from the mediation of this enromous network of people who do not have a real identity atleast to me.
ok, this is not where we get into a debate about the real and the virtual and the reality of the real etc. but the very act of writing "we", and not mean the royally cesarian "we" is witness to the fact that i do and intend to have a readership for my blog.
but they have to be people who are not around me, who can not get back to me for what i write or post, and even less, take me seriously. because after all that is the aim of my life, to attain such a state where nothing i say or do can be believed or taken in face value.
but that, must be the subject of another post.
anyway, i already am quite tired with this postmodern self reflexivity, and itch to go back to the question of coming out. but how, because whatever i have to say in this post will be an answer to frida, and i like her blog, and like the name even more. so there you go, you can never avoid the real, atleast the real concerns.
maybe, i should instead concentrate on the other blog and write there.
but more on coming out: it is only hetero, or atleast bi-s who have the liberty of saying that they are not gay today, or not straight today. one has to fight for the same labels that the others so easily discard, because these are the same labels that are not recognised by several societies and states, there are legislatures calling them unnatural, or if you are a lesbian in india, then denying your very existence.
how can you then, let go of the labels, when a lot of us have chosen these same labels to be the most crucial part of their identities.
these are the labels that they could get killed for, and these are the labels that you fight for.

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  1. Little Dear, I will read your words even in the dark. During the nazi occupation, there was a resistance. Every place you find tyranny, you will find those who resist it. There is a resistance, even in India, you just have to know where to look. You are not as alone as you think you are. I can’t help you in a real sense but I will be your friend. I will listen to you when you are disquieted and offer advice when I can.