Monday, November 28, 2005

This is goin' to be one helluva long post....

The internet is back!!!!!!Hallelujah!!!!!!
What happened is as follows: one fine Saturady morning (fater yours truly had sat through "My Fair LAdy" for the nth time in a row at 7 in the morning), the administration decided to chop off two huge branches in front of the LAdies Hostel, coz it was intefering with the electric cables, good decision one must say.

as a result, no electricity from 11 to 5, and then when it came back, all the world ran for the internet, and it wasn't working, coz the smart asses had cut off the internet cables also.
The power cut however, was not entirely unproductive, i got a hair cut (so now i look like a late 19th c Bengali Bhadralok), as did serendipiduous and hot neighbour.
But the usefulness with which i have been occupying my time is as follows: read shitty and not so shitty books, was really really nice films and also watched "Antarmahal", but it is an enitrely fifferent story all together......


  1. u r back! yipee!!!! just a suggestion, read chetan bhagat's 'one night@the call center'. i've only just begun but seems good.

  2. ok, will do, if i can find it though. but this is really disgusting that i can not find your blog, i mean every time i try, they say the requested url could not be found. do something please.......

  3. i'll tell u wahat...when damnables does open, try deviantcore. for some crazy reason, my blog is cursed and i have to publish under either of the names. so c ya at my blog?

  4. dont tell me u have a copy of the spell or anything by Alan Hollinghurst...ok am hounding u till u let me borrow it...