Tuesday, November 08, 2005

ok, this is the most controversial picture that my comp has ever seen. i say, they are two guys, what say you? Posted by Picasa


  1. its delightfully androgynous...

  2. thanks for almost agreeing with me

  3. Anonymous7:34 AM

    I am so glad to you posting. After yesterday, I thought you were going on hiatus.

    I think it is two women because real men don't shave their legs.

  4. aaaargh, what is this discourse about "real" men? i think the world would have been nicer if they also did shave their legs and didnt expect only women to go through such a painful procedure. i mean , shaving is not all women do right?

  5. The top leg look feminine to me. But what do I know?

  6. um...uh....um...!!!!!
    i hope its two guys, young guys, who were old friends and have just realised that they are in love with each other.
    they are blonde and have fine hairs which we cant see.

    or! they could be these two women, who have just met at the supermarket and um...accidentaly brush againest each other and instantly, and rush home to bed.

  7. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Medusa: Nicer for you, but us men who like "real" men like hairy limbs...among other things. :P

    Uglygirl: I LOVE the way you think.