Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This is meant to be a smiley

The following is what was waiting for me in the message box.....

anonymous said...

a humble submission: please check the meaning AND usage of the words "disclaimer" and "proliferation"...academics?? doesnt look like it..yeah..but someone wise has already told you that before on your own blog.

couple of well known disclaimers you're perhaps not aware of:

disclaimer 1: people with borrowed intellect are an antithesis to blogging...hence they are not allowed.
disclaimer 2: blogs are not "lets pretend to be different" zones

Thought of the day: holding front seats to a basketball game doesnt make you a player.
get it get it get it?? more later..since you love comments so much...
ps: beatrice once said..truth is nastiness; nastiness, truth!

11:00 PM

All i want anon to remember, when s/he cites Beatrice is, it was a nice gesture to equate truth with nastiness, but is there only one kind? when you seek to pin down truth outside of all the discourses through and within and by which truth resides and comes into being, which includes nastiness, you are being a totalitarian, your version of reality and therefore truth, from then onwards, is the only one possible, and no, before you say that, i am not preaching any pseudo-foucauldian relativism. every time you participate in a discourse that claims to be the only one of its kind, and therefore seeks to hide its status as a metanarrative, which however is manufactured, an arefact, you mariginalise the subaltern voices and narratives, which unlike you do not make a claim of being 'always already there'. i can not even begin to look into the nature of nastiness, your truth claims, presuambly for my benefit, are so overwhelming, i have, as you must have noticed, missed the point.
The self refelxivity of your narrative is however commendable, it you still can not get it, read the last line of your message.
truth is also about power, i have the power to stop anonymous comments, but i will not do that. you however have the power of 'nastiness', hope you shall use it carefully. after all, i am not serving you my version of truth, subversion is not something i need to be wary of, truth claims, in this blog, are all yours , and therefore, have fun!!!!


  1. Anonymous2:29 PM

    precious meduhsa,

    in true desperately-seeking-to-be-academic style you have picked the 'bait'. just one word has launched a thousand buckets of

    green puke. what's the word? *truth* surprise surprise..you should thank me for giving it to you on your platter, otherwise

    how would YOU have been able to make the connection and 'apply theory'?? (ccped str8 from 'foucault for dummies' is my guess)

  2. Anonymous2:31 PM

    not only does your tedious online assignment suffer under the incredible burden of utter unoriginality of language but also

    your easy invocation/cooption of the subaltern voice to plead your 'case' (as if you had one) betrays your inherently abusive

    and morally bankrupt understanding of fluidity, identity and believe it or not, academics.

  3. Anonymous2:32 PM

    don't know if you realise, maybe you were too busy taking notes, but 'our' beloved beatrice is a fictional character, a

    tribute to the hundred years of zingy feminism, "quoted" precisely to displace the qualifiers of 'truth'. when, my sweet, a

    cartoonesque character takes the words of a poet king and gives it a wicked twist (subsequently cited by devoted fans)

    something 'subversive' has already happened to 'truth', which ofcourse you will not even register, eager as you are to climb

    into your shrunken academic booties. you sadly and unsurprisingly HAVE 'missed the point' in so very many ways.

  4. Anonymous2:34 PM

    please don't congratulate yourself over your enormous 'power' to control my voice. such claims in cyberspace are bogus, my

    earnest one. i sign off in utter despair of having had to 'explain' to you such simple naughtiness. thought perhaps you would

    let the good doctor have the last word, his/her 'remedy' being far more tantalizing than your inane rejoinder.

  5. Anonymous7:06 PM

    *sings* what will you do if i make you eat shit...?
    will you itch to come back at me...?
    borrow some brains from your so-called friends
    or stay up all night working it out....
    you get back with a little help from your friends...
    get back with a li'l help from your friends...

  6. I am flattered by all the attention that you have showered on me. More people are reading my blog than ever before and finding more entertainment in the comments than they have ever found before. Who needs friends when i have enemies like this?

  7. Anonymous7:21 PM

    hehe...i love comments!!

  8. anonymous whoever you are i just want to say that i love you(at least in the blog world)for having the guts to say the truth to finally show the world the real truth and tyo finally prick medusa's bubble.

  9. but medusa, don't u think this anon dude has an unfair advantage. i mean its easy to throw a stone at someone when u'r surrounded by a huge crowd (in this case, the anonymity) but its a totally different thing when you have to do it face-to-face. so how about it anony baby, reveal urself...mention a name next time....i'm sure that u'r not flawless urself...let there be a little two-sided mud slinging...or wud u rather hide behind ur mother and forever be crowned a coward?

  10. If you don't like what someone writes on their blog, then don't read it, and certainly don't post comments on it (unless it's a personal attack on you or those you love, to which some sort of response may be justified). I don't find anon's comments witty, helpful or even terribly enlightening.

  11. Oh gosh, people like anon. will not listen to reason.
    I say the best thing to do is ignore them.
    because it is juvenile attempt at attention.

  12. eek! what has HAPPENED TO YOUR BLOG???????? i am an alien in an ant farm. ok ok i cldnt resist. but dear heavens.

  13. wannabe etc. etc.5:15 PM

    blogspots are exclusively personal/private spaces or spaces where people share/agree/disagree/fight/argue/cry over/ boost swollen egoes/ fight quixotic battles one-up-wo&/man-ship
    (If at all anyone wants to get offended, last two categories I reserve for myself, okay? btw, don't give a darn if I am not the favorite person on the face of this earth,or even this nice cozy small cyber commune).
    I like to read Medusastoned and I would like to pick battles over obsessions which I do not share... Hence I would make my comment irrespective of whether medusastoned like it or not

    Having said this, I would like to see the academic and verbal originality that Anonymous can supply, other than in the form of expletives...

    Critique is an art, while rant is quite another genre of mutual interaction...