Monday, November 21, 2005

Disclaimers, Clarifications, and what say you....

Disclaimer one:
The Speed excerpt was not an original, it is taken from this fantastic site at rinkworks/
Disclaimer two:
The author is respnsible for all the posts on this blog, but not the comments. As the title clearly states, "If you do not like this blog, go get your own."
Disclaimer three:
I like it when people post comments, no matter how nasty they are. So dear Anon aka wanabe, :) thank you.
Disclaimer four:
This blog will never have pics of hot neighbour.
Disclaimer five:
If you have a problem with the proliferation of Angelina Jolie on this blog, as I mentioned earlier, you can jolly well go and get your own.
And about the image on top, it is part of my favourite, phdcomics, who can be visited at


  1. dear medusa,
    i must admit, i'm kinda confused abt the settings in my blog. i've made an attempt to sort the prob. plz see if u can post ur comment now or not. thanx

  2. are u sure about disclaimer 4? damn!

  3. mizfit, i did post a msg again, but it said tht it ws awaiting administrator approval....

  4. Anonymous11:00 PM

    a humble submission: please check the meaning AND usage of the words "disclaimer" and "proliferation"...academics?? doesnt look like it..yeah..but someone wise has already told you that before on your own blog.

    couple of well known disclaimers you're perhaps not aware of:

    disclaimer 1: people with borrowed intellect are an antithesis to blogging...hence they are not allowed.
    disclaimer 2: blogs are not "lets pretend to be different" zones

    Thought of the day: holding front seats to a basketball game doesnt make you a player.
    get it get it get it?? more later..since you love comments so much...
    ps: beatrice once said..truth is nastiness; nastiness, truth!

  5. The Good Doctor12:25 AM

    my dearest anonymous!

    incorrigible intellectual that you are, i bet you're puzzing over how on earth you got to be so gratuitously nasty!


    because HELP is at hand!

    DO THE NEEDFUL, and i assure you, your outlook on the world will change overnight!


  6. i particularly enjoyed disclaimer three, you comment-whore you

  7. wow...sometimes the comments are so very interesting! :D

  8. who is this hot neighbour???????

  9. come on, do us all a favour and post pictures of hot neighbours(as long as they are girls)