Friday, November 18, 2005

funny story?

This is the story of my infamy that I meant to write a few days ago, but was not feeling at all nice about myself, and as a result was unable to take a crack at myself. But now that everything is nice and fine, "a brand new day", and self respect is totally restored after one hour long tete-a-tete (excuse the absence of the accents), the time is ripe to make a dig at myself, and allow the rest of the humanity to do as much.Not that i am worried it would take them too much to do that.haan, going back, i wake up not so early in the morning and have to go out immediately, and am looking for my lock and key. and they are not there. now on principle i never ever misplace my lock and key. i lose books and pen and money, and temper and cds and friends and assignments and etc, but never never my lock and my superbrain (like chacha chaudhuri, whose brain is faster than a computer) starts working and my suspicion zeros on the friend who stayed over in the night. i go and wake her up (poor baby had finally gone to sleep in her room) but she dint have it. go to next door hot neighbour's room, she doesnt have it either. but she is way more enterprising than i am, and goes and gets a magnet, with the hope that my lock will zoom to her magnet and like a true superhero she will save the day.i am not so trusting, so i go to the third person who had paid me a visit the night before, and wake her up also. she looks very angry (as she should) and said, "i opened ur door last night remember?" medusa yaps..." ya ya, n did u take it?""no, it is hanging behind your door."i have nothing more to say.


  1. all i cud make out from that story is that u have a hot neighbour?

    can we have some pics plz? =P~

  2. like one said, more of onkar on ur blog pls

  3. Anonymous6:11 PM

    for two weeks after hurricane wilma, I was accusing my only friend that had visited me within those same two weeks of stealing my wallet, which I discovered on a chair one day when I moved a piece of laundry that I finally decided to put away after two weeks.