Thursday, December 22, 2005

pubbin' days

wednesday was meant to be great. what with the chance encounter with the perfect vcd/dvd parlour that has all the films that i need to write my paper, and the cool* film viewing with a grumbling boomshak, the stage was all set for a great ladies' night at our favourite joint.
and what a night did it turn out to be?
four of us, and no men and all four of us determined to enjoy at whatever cost.
so we drank (i drank only a beer and a blue lagoon and a gin n lime n four screw drivers) and then we played truth n dare n then we went n started talking to random cute guys**, something that we had never done ever before in our lives.
to top it all, we were the first ones at the dance floor, which resulted in free passes to some random fuckin expensive place, some place that we will never be able to afford.
but what the hell.
and then there was the all time favourite midnight train ride to sec bad, the grumbling autowalahs and a snack at the hostel steps.
long live hyderabad and its ladies' nights.
* the film was "bluffmaster" with hot hot hot hot hot......Abhishek Bacchan, and even though not great by itself, was completely paisa vasool thanks to the impeccable charm and virility of Junior B. and to top it all, he could act!!!!!!
**cute guy vinay, this one is for you, what with giving us the mail id and ph no. that we shall never use, and the cutest smile in a long long time.
p.s. only bad thing about the evening: the cool guy that hot neighbour has been trying to hit on for the past two months, finally hit the dance floor, with a girl friend in tow. bummer.....


  1. Ah, to be young again...

  2. what is in a Blue Lagoon?
    We stay home mostly to party because of the drinking & driving Laws & the drinking & walking laws.
    here the police hassel every one so so bad that they'll arrest you for drunk walking, which they call disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct or whatever they choose to call it at the moment.
    I'm ranting on because they showed up at my door last night, trying to hassel us because my daughters & I & a friend were playing music & dancing. They accuse us of doing things we weren't then try to provoke us into resisting or getting into an altercation w/them.
    dumb, fucking bastards.

  3. Opps! sorry for ranting on your blog. I'm going to have to make a post about it on mine.

  4. are u sure that u were actually talking to cute guys? hardly saw any in my 4 yrs in Hyd. cud be that i was looking in the wrong places :(

  5. Anonymous8:03 PM

    i love u!

  6. hey! merry christmas

  7. i love u too anon, i wish however that i knew who is it that i love