Thursday, December 01, 2005

for ghb

Grasshopperboy can not always save the day...after all he is a grasshopper, and even if sidekick girl kicks him by mistake, he wouldn't be around to save us....
so that is when you feel the need of medusastoned (drumrolls ladies and gentlemen and my friends...).
medusastoned fights super villains by turning them into stones (ya sure as if you did not guess). bt what is interesting is that in her undying quest for justice she uses illegal substances like pot. she comes in the dark of the night under the disguise of a pedlar (your very own tambourine man, if you want that) supplying pot to her arch enemies....and the stuff is so good and so strong...the enemies smoke up and get stoned.
Thus in one gesture she subverts the law that bans marijuana by using it to punish those who are the enemies of superheros like her. she and her trusted sidekick potbelly (one who carries pot in her stomach...duh) roam the streets in search of grasshopperboy, poor insect that got lost in this wide wide world......


  1. this means war!
    (war trumpet)

  2. how can you even think of war when you are lost in the wilderness somewhere? leave it all to medusa n potbelly, get rid of sidekick gal n if possible...change the "in GHB we trust" logo

  3. u shud put up that "in ghb be trust" logo on ur blog. don't u thnk? :P
    and yeah, no fighting. we'll find some supervillians to kick and all.

  4. oh how wud we ordinary mortals live if our superheroes fight eachother?? how will i bear this exquisite tragedy?

  5. medusa we need a supervillian to fight...mizfit which side are u on?