Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy new year

My New Year's resolutions are as follows

(Before you ask the question anonymous, this is my blog and i kinda like it and it will have 'my' new year's resolutions no matter how hackneyed they are, you dont like it, go get your own blog!!!!)

1. Lose weight. (Something i have always resolved to do as long as i have known what is it like to be able to resolve something, so in this case we are not taking this resolution very seriously.)
2. Make one pack of (10) cigarettes last fro two days.
3. To not spend more than 500/- a week.
4. To study for two hours everyday. (Well, its a beginning)
5. To crack the NET in 2006.
6. Make concrete plans for Ph. D.
6A. Therefore write the GRE.
7. Stop taking money from home or H. i.e. earn money

And Happy New Year's resolutions to you too.
Medusa howvever is ecstatic to announce that she doesn't look like medusa anymore, coz her hair has been shorn off. We are proud of our new look.


  1. And a Happy New one to you too. Do we see a photo of the new you?

  2. yeah please post a new pic since i wont be going to ciefl till about next week.

    And HAPPY NEW 2006 TO YOU TOO.

  3. and its so nice that you and even dreamyeyes and even mizfit could kinda round up or/and resolutionise your new year!
    i wanted to do that but i couldnot!!!!!

  4. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Compulsion is a tough nut to crack. Good luck jetting the cigs.

    Crack the NET?

  5. Ha ha ha! I think all of us are going to die under the weight of our weight anyways, I agree with Ugylygirl.

    And I have seen your new hair cut, but i miss your lovely curls. You looked damn cute.
    Not that now you don't, but still. preferred that

  6. 1.Lose weight. I bet 90% of women make that one.
    2.quit drinking so much wine.
    3.Pay off credit cards harder at business to make more money to pay off credit cards.

    Man, this is depressing, to much freak'n pressure! I think I'll go have a drink.