Wednesday, December 07, 2005

chatting blues.....

This is what happened to my friend tootsie when she tried to chat with someone.

gauraveee: pic/cam?

tootsie: nope
gauravee: bye
tootsie: bye
gauravee: just a sec, asl?
tootsie: i just wanted to talk. i am not interested in stupid conversations.
gauravee: r u sita or what?
tootsie: no i am just an average girl.
gauraveee: so what's your surname?
tootsie: trust me i am not Sita RAmchandra Raghuvanshi
gauravee: date of birth place and time?
tootsie: what the hell!!!
gauravee: I am an engineer in Nigeria and i think you are perfetc fo rme to marry.
tootsie: are you nuts?
guravee: why do you talk like that? average girls don't say hell and nuts.
tootse: What the hell!!!!!!!!
gauraveee: again you are saying hell. Chat with me with a cam tomorrow.
tootsie: no, sorry am busy.
gauravee: you are missing the chance to marry me. i wont marry you now.


  1. something tells me she is faring well for an average gal :)

  2. i has a feeling he might have been kidding wiht her. but then again these things have happened to metooalso.

  3. once, i was so annoyed by a call centre lady who kept calling me up to get a new cell connection that i asked her out for dinner. she never called me again :)

  4. And of course you're all missing the chance to marry me. It's the only reason I blog. ;-)

  5. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Omigod! What a way to start the day. Despite my profiles stating that I am gay, the first people to contact me are ALWAYS women. Maybe I should become a lesbian? Ha!