Tuesday, December 06, 2005

my student

This is what my student at the English Proficiency course wrote when he was given a homework of describing the physical appearance of his favourite person

Physical Appearance about my fiance
She is 19 year old. She is pretty good looking. She's weight 50kg and height 5.4 feet.
1) She has wavy burgundy coloured hair with step cut.
2)She has oval face, fair colour with pinkish complexion.
3) Her eyes are round in shape with long eye lashes and shaped eye brows.
4) A bit sharp nose.
5) She has slim personality with sexy attraction.

IS there a law anywhere preventing incompetent teachers from hitting on their students' fiances?


  1. yes...read up the indian penal law book, page 213.

  2. u r kiddin right?

  3. KILL the teachers who teach poor grammer!ouch! my 'sexy attraction' is hurt.

  4. done, am dead right now.

  5. Is the phrase 'hitting on' a euphemism?

  6. how sad.....is there a law against poeople who might have been studfents in other circs hitting on their might have been profs? :D

  7. i meant the teachers who set a wrong foundation. LKG and the crucial few years after that. i did not mean u, re!

  8. @ mizfit.....thanks :D
    @ makeit new.....ha ha ha ha , i know what and who you mean, (and smiles knowingly)
    @dave....hmm, i guess you can call it that.

  9. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I do so miss reading your blog. I have sent your URL to my work so I can sneak peeks during the day. By the way, Harry Potter review is posted at http://www.kingdomofleo.com/reviews/harry_potter_goblet_fire.html. Thanks for the giggles.