Saturday, July 22, 2006

no blogspot in india, china and pakistan

strange set of countries to have arrived at the same decision regarding the accessibilty of information and anti-terrorist action and the freedom of expression. a secular democratic republic, an islamic country under the rule of a former army official and a communist state that is yet to wither away.
reflection upon the intricate natures of policy makers and the minute workings of power in the civil society of the internet does not reflect favourably on the disparate ideological affiliations that they lay claim to.
enough of hig sounding words. medusa however deems it fit to express her disgust at being denied access tro her and a lot of other people's blogs.
it is a different matter alltogether that she had been busy partying with semi known people and eating home food, and that half the world does not have internet access and that blogs more often than not (not withstanding the present exception of course) are pretentious pieces of shit, the fact remains that no one is forcing anyone to read anything.
therefore, be cool ISP providers of the world, medusa is certain you hold more power than any government directive.


  1. and if the don't, is there...

  2. Until you brought this to my attention, I had no idea. I read the Times each day, and follow BBC news, and yet I've seen no mention of this. I'm so sorry for you. I'd be going mad if I didn't have my daily diet of blogs.

  3. Aha. The Times does report this today. It also reporst the Indian authorities saying that the ban was 'a mistake'.

  4. Oh, and well done again yesterday. Good performance with the bat.

  5. Sorry. Wrong blog. That last comment was for MinCat.

    Mind you, you're also welcome to join the team.

  6. hey love!!
    how you doin.
    am happy only.
    get something from cal for me.
    am turning 24 on tuesday.

  7. Right, you're in the squad. The team is already selected for next Saturday, but come down to nets, we'll see how you do, and I expect you'll be playing the following week.

  8. Anonymous12:51 PM

    great commentary on whut blogz r really about. apparently, after scouring round fer scapegoats they couldnt find anything, or anyone better to pin the blame on so...


    "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."
    -Albert Einstein

  9. Vive la liberté!

  10. well hi! I came over to see if anythings new??? what's been going on with you?

  11. khotom naki? shardi-te?

  12. Hi Medusa,
    You haven't written in almost a month... looking forward to reading a new post from you.