Sunday, July 02, 2006



internet is back after something like four days....and blogger has allowed medusa to log in after heaven only knows how long.
ideally this should be a joyous occassion, but for the
argentina loss last evening.
medusa has supported
argentina for as long as she can remember, but has never watched them lift the world cup though.
and the way things are going, it doesnt seem like such a thing will happen in medusa's life time.
medusa takes a deep breath and lights a cig while contemplating what to write next.
o yes, more sorrow.
medusa spotted a white hair on her head today .
let us all maintain a moment of silence while medusa mourns the passing away of her youth.
but, all is not lost yet. medusa can still write witty and cynical comments about the world she yearns to enter but can not (oops did medusa confess to something?), and must exist forever as a not so mute spectator.
obviously, she is talking of the world of the hip and the happening.....
more later


  1. You can still join the squad for my cricket team though!

  2. Anonymous1:10 AM

    i cant believe you said that!
    would you want to join their world?
    hip and happenning?

  3. mizfit understands what medusa is going through because she too faces simnilar demons...fortunately, mizfit has selective short term memory and 4gets...

  4. jak phirechho taholey. hip-fip jato ichhe narao kintu hip-n-happening-er dike jeo na. aar geley komor-e RDX bNedhey jeo.

  5. argentina's out...brazil's out...germany also out now....hence....go ITALY!! :)
    p.s.: being an indian rocks :P

  6. Anonymous8:48 PM

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