Sunday, June 18, 2006

"brilliant tales of love, infidelity, passion and prejudice"

someday, my dears, this will be the way medusa's blog will be publicised.
everyone will try to take a look at this marvellous creation, but even though internet will be free for all, they will not be able to access medusa's blog, coz the server will be down due to overload.
i have no fucking clue why medusa chose to write the previous two lines.
it might have something to do with medusa's decision from now on to speak about herself in the third person.
after all, she is no less than ceasar is she?
or it might have been the urge to quote the blurb from a collection of stories by maugham, who seems to have taken medusa's fancy yet again.
it might once again, have to do with the fact that medusa woke up at the unearthly hour of eight thirty in the morning and did not know what to do with herslef.
it might, also, have to do with the fact that medusa and serendipiduous came on a telugu tv show, and they talked about same sex love, and were much appreciated.
for all of those who missed it, there will hopefully be more such occassions.
when medusa called up home to tell them about this feat, the mater asked why medusa supports something as unnatural as same sex love?
medusa thought it was prudent to not mention that medusa came across as a lesbian in the show, then all hell would surely have broken loose.
anyway, long live argentina.
the soccer team that is.
and hootie and the blowfish.
and orkut.
and party tonight.


  1. Well, a third party might say that Medusa's spelling hasn't improved.

    But Dave wouldn't be so rude.

    So that's OK, isn't it?

  2. *clap, clap, clap* mizfit is happy to see medusa coming back to her previous writing style. :)

  3. go medusa...vaise i too love argentina, hootie and the blowfish and orkut :)

    (btw, it shall take me some time to visit hydi as currently i am unemployed (for a within brackets :P) and out of cash) :(

  4. hey such a nice incoherent write up...still hold ground :)

  5. that was meant as a compliment

  6. Dear Medusa,
    Yipeeesss!!! You came out on TV. I am so proud of you. *Big hugs*. I remember the first time I went on-camera as out, at the Aug 15 anti-377 protest in Bombay, for a video documentary. It remains one of the most thrilling experience of my life.
    Three cheers, and lots of love and solidarity,
    Wild Reeds

  7. n now a new post

  8. n now a new post

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  10. pishi, aami to resurrected holaam kintu tumi ki aabar babar-er moto okka peley naki?

    oi je aache na - dhangsho korey dao aamake iswar etc...

  11. lol, so how was the party then, ms celeb?
    o, and yes, HAIL CAESAR!

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