Thursday, June 08, 2006



i want to praise you like i should.
j. k. rowling, this one is for you.
and the maker of memoirs of a geisha, you can happily go to hell.
funny thing is that i have no clue as to how is this post going to look. i dont know whether this whole thing will look like a hyperlink, and everyone will start clicking on it in the hopes of reaching something better.
so lets just post and see what it looks like?
among other things, medusa has completed her weekly illness, and is going out to party!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. still hanging in there I see.
    Come & visit. leave a sign.

  2. i got rid of the leaf. whatever possessed me to post that?

    someone here grows it:)

  3. is smoking pot legal in India?

    It is legal here in Oregon, if you have a card saying you need it for medicinal purposes.

    of course we are all sick & ailing & need our medicine. :)

  4. LOL! Another one with a sense of humor :) Glad to know you're well now. Keep on rocking :)

  5. Yipeees! party time! I'm going to a party tonight myself. Yes I did try to click on the post thinking it was a link... :-)