Tuesday, July 18, 2006

medusa has reached home safe and sound....has caught a cold and a cough and is suspecting the beginning of a breathing trouble.
among other things, her shady heterosexual love interest has been running a fever, so medusa can not meet him also to spend any quality time.
therefore it has been the sole company of the old idiot box....which has nothing of any importance whatsoever.
anyway bye now
medusa does not want to bore anyone with the stories of her boring life.


  1. aaha, jori-i hoyechhe to. aar tomar shardi. dekha kore phelo. bishe-bishe-bishokhoy etc

  2. lucky you.....i think i will get married you know.

  3. plath and blake are both soothing in the wierdest way.

  4. at m,orning ur blog was restricted...now i opened it with pkblogs.com, and now blogspot is also opening...

  5. Hi medusa! thanks for your kind words.

    Ah, the idiot box! I hate the damn thing after 1/2 hour i'm ready to throw it out the window.
    I'd rather be an idiot myself on the computer I guess. :)

  6. Anonymous12:48 PM

    boring iz in the eye of the beholder, ya know.

    wuz jast watchin Alexander on cable and hey..parts of his life wuz boring az hell, yah? {{smilez}}