Friday, August 18, 2006


medusa managed to reach the "create new post" page of her blog after twenty or such days of coninuous struggle. a round of applause for the tireless warrior that medusa is.
and this is what she found on the first page of a notebook.
hey, i am much better now. you must have also been through these accidental/ sudden + great spurts of energy (this definitely is not my handwriting, maybe, i am not all right after all) during long illnesses. when the illness does not even appear to be a long forgotten shadow of a memory.
but there is a dull throbbing ache on the left hand.
love love me do
do not wallow in self pity
why would anyone sit and watch the dreamers on a day, rather night like this?
a thought just struck me. obviously it struck ME. who else would it strike for crying out loud?
but anyway, no more digressions (but only one- that this pen seems to have dramatically improved with a change in ink)
hey hey my my rock and roll can never die
there's more to the picture than meets the eye.

go understand!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hurrah! You're back.

  2. Oh, and you did very well at the cricket last week, so you're moving up the batting order tomorrow.

  3. *gasp* u wrote a post!!! u were alive all this while?

    welcum back, medusa! :)

  4. Hi medusa! finally coming around to say hi again. I hope you stick around a while. :)

  5. Anonymous7:18 PM

    i believe, the street-term iz "go figure" {{grinz}} hei, dun look @ me, got it from a cute guy @ college lol

  6. thanks for coming back...